Ассоциация производителей биотоплива
Ассоциация производителей твердого топлива из древесных отходов лесозаготовки и деревообрабатывающей промышленности «РУССКИЙ ПЕЛЛЕТНЫЙ СОЮЗ»
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Legal information


The statutes and organisational structure of the Russian Pellet Union and, for example, its requirements to Members and Partners are publicly available​​​​​

Legal basis
The Russian Pellet Union is an association and has applied to achieve the status of “Self-Regulatory Organization”. In relation to this, the Union conducts its activities in compliance with the Russian Civil Code, as well as several specific federal (and regional) regulatory laws and regulations, such as:

  • Federal Law No. 7-FZ of 12.01.1996 on Non-Commercial Organizations;
  • Federal Law No. 315-FZ of 01.12.2007 on Self-Regulating Organizations.
Official name 
Formal name: 'Association of producers of solid fuel from wood waste from the logging and woodworking industry' (Translation from Russian)

Short name: Russian Pellet Union

Abbreviation: RPU
​​​​​bottomdownload  Registration information
bottomdownload  Bank details  

Full membership is open to responsible business entities in Russia engaged in the production of solid biofuel made from the wood processing residues.

bottomdownload  Membership Enrolment and Termination Rules 

Organisational documents
The Statutes define the rules of membership conduct, designed to achieve the Union’s objectives. Violations of the Statutes will result in measures stipulated in Union’s Disciplinary Code.

The Russian Pellet Union has requirements on:
  • Legality (national and international regulations and standards), information accessibility, integrity;
  • Occupational health and safety;
  • Internal quality management systems and risk management;
  • Sustainability, and the efficient use of resources.
The Union sets up internal audits to evaluate possible ecological, economical, and social risks, which may hinder the operations of its Members.

Each applicant must undergo an audit, which may prevent its admission. The Union determines the accuracy of the information provided in the application.
The Union conducts internal audits to determine whether:
  • The producers comply with national and international legislation;
  • The producers comply with the Union’s requirements;
  • The management systems of the producers are properly implemented and maintained. 
Annually, the Union issues measures for improvement, and the Members submit a report on their progress. 

The Union is obliged to keep the following resolutions:

  • General Membership Meeting Resolutions;  
  • Supervisory Board Resolutions.
On a yearly basis, and in case there is a reasonable concern about the performance, and/or reputation of a Member or a Partner, it is subjected to an (additional) audit. Members and Partners that do not comply with the requirements and values of the Union are expelled. 

Requests for additional information submitted by interested third parties will be discussed with the Members in question. A response will be issued within 14 days from receipt.

The main organisational documents are:

bottomdownload  Association Charter
bottomdownload  General Membership Meeting Rules
bottomdownload  Standards and principles of entrepreneurial activity

The following sources of income contribute to the Union's assets:

  • Enrolment fees, annual membership fees, and special purpose contributions; 
  • Voluntary financial and non-monetary / assets contributions (donations); 
  • Income derived from the Union’s assets.
The assets may be used specifically for the fulfilment of their purpose and in accordance with the annual budget, which is prepared by the Executive Director. The annual budget is subject to approval by the Supervisory Board.
The Union's fees are as the following (conform Union Charter p.7.9.10):
  • Enrolment Fee – RUB 30,000 (thirty thousand rubles), including RUB 3,000 Compensation Fund allocation;
  • Annual Membership Fee – RUB 60,000 (sixty thousand rubles).

Special purpose contributions are used to finance specific activities and programs not covered by the annual budget. Such contributions are established through resolutions of General Membership Meetings.

Information about non-member contributors may be posted on the Union’s website (on request). Voluntary contributors and donors do not acquire the membership status or privileges.

The Compensation Fund is generated from the Enrolment and Membership Fees for the purpose of covering professional liability against claims.

bottomdownload  Association Property Statutes

Authorities and Duties

General Programme 2021
bottomdownload  Programme  


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