Ассоциация производителей биотоплива
Ассоциация производителей твердого топлива из древесных отходов лесозаготовки и деревообрабатывающей промышленности «РУССКИЙ ПЕЛЛЕТНЫЙ СОЮЗ»
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Vision, Mission, Values


The Russian Pellet Union provides an independent and objective platform that reduces barriers to sustainable development of Russia's solid biomass sector, taking into account the interests of all stakeholders 

The Union’s activities are determined and set forth by its Members. Work groups are formed to address specific challenges and pressing issues. Both Members and Partners of the Union are welcome to participate in the work groups. Topics of interest are, for example, certain laws and regulations related to sector, logistic bottlenecks and transport tariffs, sustainable forest management, work safety, foreign biomass certification schemes, the slowly growing domestic use of solid biomass, the reliability of business partners, and the impact of foreign sanctions.

An objective, non-profit and effective platform on solving rising and looming issues and barriers to the sustainable development of the Russian solid biomass sector. The platform shall ensure:

  • The Russian solid biomass sector enforces sustainable forest management and the efficient utilization of wood residues;
  • The forestry, wood and solid biomass sectors take into account the interests of local communities and the wellbeing of employees;
  • The Union Members have effective management systems that ensure the sustainability and quality characteristics of the solid biomass comply with consumer demand;
  • Clear and harmonised sustainability and quality standards on foreign markets; an objective and non-biased approach towards Russian supply;
  • A rational balance between using solid biomass domestically and exporting it; eliminating distortions by inefficient and useless barriers.   

The Mission of the Russian Pellet union is:

  • To contribute to the sustainable development of the Russian solid biomass sector.
Targeted activities related to the Russian pellet sector:
  • Cooperating with authorities on developing legislation, norms and stimulation programs;
  • Consolidating solid biomass industry interests before state authorities and monopolies;
  • Promoting the use of solid biomass, as a local and renewable energy resource;  
  • Verifying product compliance with the requirements of customers.

​​​​​​Targeted activities related to the international pellet sector:

  • Being a qualified and authoritative partner in dialogues with foreign authorities, managers of certification bodies and other stakeholders
  • Cooperation on interpreting and implementing sustainability; requirements of the EU, individual countries, certification systems and market leaders;
  • Assisting in due diligence, traceability, and finding reliable information sources;
  • Verification of product compliance with the requirements of customers.

The values of the Russian Pellet Union are: 

  • Integrity;
  • Commitment;
  • Sustainability;
  • Transparency. 

The values of the Union are binding to all Members and Partners. The Union evaluates on compliance new applicants and, on a yearly basis, its present Members or Partners. Members and Partners that do not comply with the internal requirements of the Union are expelled.

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